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Past CTF Challenges

This page contains all the past CTF challenges that I have authored. You can use these to practice, to try and correlate the pop culture references, or to just entertain yourself with the write-ups.

Oh Noes!

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BSides Detroit 2013

BSides Chicago 2014

  • Things You Find On The Internet
    • File: network.pcap
    • Hint:
    • Flag: (from )
    • Writeup

CircleCityCon 2014

  • Codename: Golden Sun
    • File: Level1.apk
    • Hint:
    • Flag: (from )
    • Waiting for writeup…
  • Hello World
    • File: Level2.apk
    • Hint:
    • Flag:
    • Waiting for writeup…
  • OoooOOOOOOooooo
    • File: Level3.apk
    • Hint:
    • Flag: (from )
    • Waiting for writeup…
  • Agent Log
    • Original File: agent_503733697.zip (looks like the file that made it into the challenge is slightly different, but only in metadata; this is the file I submitted)
    • Hint:
    • Flag: (from )
    • Writeup (courtesy of @xn2o)
  • Ghost In The Tubes
    • File: 24_Ghosts_III.flac (having file size problems; working on it…)
    • Hint:
    • Flag: (from )
    • Writeup (courtesy of @memopadman)

Archived Comments:


Nice post but I wanna know how do i fing this flag for CircleCityCon 2014 Level3? Any write-up?



Unfortunately, no one has created a writeup that I know of. I try not to post writeups for the challenges that I created because it’s better from a player’s perspective instead of an author’s. I’m fairly certain that all of my challenges at CircleCityCon got solved by at least one person, but since it’s been a year, I might write them up myself once I finish porting my blog over to a new system.

The goal of this challenge was to prevent players from using decompilers and using a bytecode-oriented tool instead. One of the pet peeves that I and the other Android challenge authors had from the previous year was that people were just tossing our challenges into dex2jar and running them on the PC, which works well for simple apps like these but doesn’t always work for the complicated apps of the real world. The dalvik bytecode has been slightly mutated to break most decompilers without breaking the functionality of the app. So, to start, you would want a tool that operates on dalvik bytecode, like smali. Once the class is baksmai’ed, it should be pretty obvious what to patch to get the flag.


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